Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bedroom Remix Update

Look; we hung curtains!

I think the bedroom looks much more finished with them there. We bought the curtains from Ikea when we were in DC for my work trip, and then my friend Angie, who is a fantastic seamstress, hemmed them to the perfect length for our windows. I prefer the look of hanging curtains above the top of the window frame; these curtains are hung an individual foot above the window.

In other design news, I bought this rug. I've been completely fascinated by Kilim and Turkish rugs ever since this house crash at Young House Love. Usually, the prices are way out of our budget, so this one seemed like quite the find. (And Overstock's shipping costs are so amazing.) Now, I just have to figure out the right place to put it. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My other life -

I'm an avid blogger reader. An ideal morning for me includes a wog (walk/jog) with my dear friend, some Bible time, and blog reading - all before 9 AM. Obviously, ideal means it doesn't always happen. When perusing blogs, I enjoy seeing people's lovely houses, adorable kids, and beyond clever crafts/outfits, Etsy businesses, social rants, etc. I am quite jealous (if I may be so honest in my choice of words) of some folks' abilities, attitudes, and home decor. However, blogging is so fun because I get to chose who I read and if I can't stomach their content, I simply don't check their site.

That being said, I have this other life. It's not super glamorous,and I can't pitch my wares, since I don't personally control what is sold or nor do I really market anything especially interesting (to most of you). I don't work with celebrities or have the need to wear high fashion on a daily basis. I don't work in full-time missions or teach under-privileged childen. I'm not a stay-at-home mom (which in my book, totally qualifies as work), since we don't have kids (yet). I just work. And that's ok.

Sometimes I feel in the blog world that having a job like mine doesn't qualify as "important" or "impacting". But the thing is, it does and I am. And so are you. Your job isn't all you are, but it is part of you. So, on Friday, October 7, please know that whether you teach or sell or market or manage or clean or cook or study or do anything else that might not seem shiny and exciting, it is important to someone. You're impacting others through your attitude and your effort. And that's awesome.

I needed the reminder. (Colossians 3:17)

Full disclosure: I work in marketing for a super large technology company. I am proud of my job career, and the work I do. I am blessed to work from home (Most days in my life primarily feature my laptop, my phone, my husband, my dog, and coffee.), and the people I work with keep me challenged and laughing. Most of them don't read this blog, but if they do, they might need the reminder, too.